The New NFL

The NFL is evolving, the name of the game is passing, and the league’s most important players are shifting.  Other than quarterback, no position on offense was more crucial for success than the tight end.  An elite running back, although previously coveted, is becoming increasingly less and less important in the new NFL, especially considering their short shelf life. Tight ends are the new X-factor.  It is no coincidence that New England, with Gronkowski and Hernandez, New Orleans, with Graham, and San Fransisco, with Davis, all made it deep into the playoffs this year. An athletic tight end is impossible to stop in the right system. Linebackers are too slow and corner backs are too small, which is why a dominant TE should be extremely sought out.  A good one can make life easy for a quarterback, and honestly, who doesn’t want that?

This all brings me to why I am already choosing my steal of the draft…Dwayne Allen. This award winning TE out of Clemson has already declared for the draft and has the tools to be a dominant force in the NFL. He’s 6’4″ and runs a 4.65 in the 40-yard dash, meaning trouble for opposing defenses.  Now the question is…who drafts him?  In my opinion, the Cleveland Browns could use Allen the most.  With the obvious need for an upgrade in the offense, Dwayne Allen might just be the security blanket that RGIII (or any other young QB) needs to grow to his full potential, and at the 22nd pick in the draft the timing seems just about right.


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